About us

Zimbler Pty Ltd is a fourth generation family owned importing and trading business founded in 1929 by English immigrant Samuel Zimbler. The Zimblers had been synonymous with the London leather trade for many generations. Samuel put the focus of his new Australian business on furs and skins. He was a pioneer in the trade in Melbourne, Zimbler becoming a market leader in the fur industry by the mid 1930s.

Upon Samuel’s death in 1956 his son Peter took over and Zimbler soon expanded into toys and hobbies in 1957. Zimbler has long since been Australian agent for leading brands Carrera, Maisto, Bachmann, Woodland Scenics and many others. The expansion into the dynamic toys and hobbies industry was somewhat fortuitous as by the early 1960s recession had hit the fur industry and a wave of anti-fur political correctness was soon to follow.

Joel & Jonathan Zimber
Joel & Jonathan Zimbler

Peter died in 1985, which saw a third generation Zimbler at the helm. Peter’s son Jonathan remains Managing Director of Zimbler today. The company’s focus is firmly on toys and hobbies and Zimbler is now a 25 year member of the Australian Toy Association. Jonathan is a prominent identity within the toy industry.

Jonathan’s son Joel has recently become GM of the business, bringing a fourth generation to the business and ensuring it stays firmly in Zimbler hands.